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Previous Entry mew? Mar. 23rd, 2005 @ 10:37 pm Next Entry
i just realized that there hazent been any updates in this commity for quite a while now, so im just gonna make a post to make sure ppl are stil alive out there! Im thinkin that maybe some of us should do a little promoting? I m a total failer at photoshop, but if some1 would like to make some kute promo-thingys i'll post 'em around.
As for cuddle-news, Ian (garvelsnuff)and I are great ^__^ He resently moved and hasnt had internet for a while now, but hopefuly he'll get it back soon! All this rain has been uber great for snuggles here in Nor Cal! Just so perfect to lye in bed and snuggle for hours after skool. Gonna try to get up to Tahoe next week b/c the only thing better then rain snuggles is snow snuggles!
Well, much love to anyone out there!
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